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"Image is everything," and text-only media, as a result, is quickly becoming old news. Blurring the Line between Real and Virtual with Innovative HD Multi-Display Technology
Electronic Art Projection  

3D Video Mapping Projection
Transforming Architecture into 3D Advertising Canvasses

Video Mapping Projection is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software such like VIOSO camera based calibration is used to warp, mapping and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens.

Projection mapping has been a popular form of ambient advertising for awhile now. This form of advertising is effective because it breaks the mold of more traditional advertising and has a viral nature online. 3D Projection mapping draws a crowd. In this day in age, many individuals will use their smart phone to capture the event and post it to their social media sites. Although 3D Projection Mapping can sometimes be relatively expensive and not a suitable option for small businesses, the stunt itself can yield tremendous results such as free media coverage, increase in brand equity and good organic publicity.

The 3D projection mapping “process for creating tailor-made projections for specific objects” allows the focus of a video image to be specifically adapted in line with the various surface characteristics of a façade. In this process, the diverse material and constructional qualities of a façade are programmed into a mask on the computer screen and the specific images are then adapted to the various areas of this mask. The result is that when it is projected onto the actual façade, the image is perfectly adapted to the façade structure which, in turn, becomes the architectural stage set for a theatrical performance.



Beamvertising is the craft of projecting your advertising message onto public surfaces. Videos are made to suit your marketing message, and then they are projected in visible public locations.
The projections can be made to match any size of space; be it the massive side of a business tower or the small space in front of shop. Additionally, beamvertising can be permanent installations or mobile (projected from a moving vehicle, people or boat, for example).


Stage and Theatre mapping


Projection mapping during a live show to create real-time special effect

Interactive Projection


Interactive Projection foils transform any glass or acrylic surface into a touch screen, making them the ideal choice for interactive store window displays.

Long Life
Excellent Optical Properties
Ease of Integration

Innovative and effective tools for street marketing and communication.
With Laser Graffiti anyone can draw huge tags and messages on buildings, walls and bridges simply by using a laser pointer - even from hundreds of meters away!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows us to combine virtual objects with the physical space.

Augmented reality “augments” the viewer’s surroundings with new digital imagery and information. To that extent, AR may or may not mean much to the average consumer —a cool image is great, but it doesn’t create a connection. Thus, augmented reality in and of itself usually isn’t the goal of any marketing campaign; the goal is to use AR in such a way that it creates an interactive experience, engaging the customer through a rich and rewarding experience.

Sensor – Camera Interactive wall and Floor

To work in completely dark environments, places with a lot of blinking or fashing lights (like bars or on stages) or in areas where the ambient lighting changes dramatically.

Megapixel Multi Display Projection  

Projection signage

Billboards and print ads are stepping out of the spotlight as large-scale projections on buildings in pedestrian-heavy areas take center stage within the marketing realm. Advertisers and big brands have experienced success working with such a low-cost, viral medium and this form of advertising is picking up major momentum.

HD 3D Multi Display

There is no single display existing today that can meet such challenging demands of both large scales – wall size, building tall and high-resolution simultaneously outdoor or indoor.

Multi display offers vivid, life-size, and high –resolution detailed imagery any surface all around, from 360 degree surround to projecting images outdoor, from the wall-size to the building tall.

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