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Our Services . Custom design, Integration, production, multi-display projection, 3D video mapping design
  • IT and Media production system design and install
  • IT and AV equipments and integration
  • IT and Digital AV Network cables Installation
  • Infotainment Infrastructures design, integrate and commissioning
  • Digital system support services
  • All round 3D digital projection mapping, visual screens and Interactive

We invent new life to light up your space/or store be more colorful, touchable, talk-able.
An interactive infotainment real-time 3D projection solutions and services provider in Asia Pacific with excellent business engineering experiences to create innovate 3D visual display in-store and outdoor projection technology, focused on developing new and integrating new ways to advertise and entertain.

A combination skill set proof-of-value design, marketing engineering, environmental view and expert of knowledge to invent new display.

We delivering real-time NOW, the right contents, to the right people at you windows, in-store /or out-door in every light conditions with any possible size.

We make glass windows, in-store / or outdoor an interactive work 24/7, colorful, talk-able to create shopping emotion environment TOUCH the customer.

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