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Projections are a fascinating and innovative way of communication –“Means a new ways to advertise and entertain”

Psychologically, consumers love imagery, and seeing visually appealing things creates positive emotions. Most people -- between 65 and 85 percent -- also describe themselves as 'visual learners,' forming meaning and organizing thoughts based on what they see more so than what they read.


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REAL-WORLD CONNECTION PTE LTD - RWC is a Digital Visual Experiential Solution Integrating Principal for real-time Digital Media, Interactive AV technology and 3D architectural projection solution in Asia Pacific and a business specializing in ICT, Digital multi-display Projection and Multimedia production.

In RWC, we are committed to provide solution design, practical knowledge and Know-How including integrating for the organization to capitalize technology and gain competitive advantages. We provide full scale and all facets of consultancy, solution project and requirement to delivering outstanding customer services, measurable results and cost optimization.

We are committed to delivering the right contents to the right people’s at the right location at the right time, and we provided high performance real time vision screens that create dynamic visual energy and vivid images.

RWC unique strength is providing Computing, Information, Digital AV & Projection and System Solutions and System Integration.

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